Kelly Eisenhardt

Expanding Our Service with Partners

It’s been a busy couple weeks with people on vacation and a focus on new services and partnerships! Even with summer winding down, we keep going. Last week was a great week for building new teams and partnerships. We expanded our reach into energy efficiency and green building design, as well as, being able to […]

3 Political Events Happening Now That Might Add Risk

Here are 3 current political events that may add risk to your supply chain, right this very second. Have you determined if they impact your company? 1. Russia is home to the world’s largest natural gas producer, Gazprom, which supplies much of Europe’s energy. The European Union has decided not to enforce heavy sanctions over […]

John Muir, naturalist, explorer, and writer (1838-1914)

Everything Is Hitched To Everything Else In The Universe

Every day we are bombarded with news of politically charged events happening around the world. Have you ever wondered how these events can affect the products your company develops and the supply chains that help manufacture them? As John Muir once said, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it is […]

10 CSR Risks That You Should Know

Hi Folks, I just wrote an article for my new column over at CERM Academy called CSR@Risk. The article is focused on 10 CSR Risks that are trending today. The article will be published today or Monday. Feel free to check out a few of the other articles while we wait for publication.     […]

Summer Vacation Isn’t Really Summer Vacation When You’re a Start-Up

Hi Folks, just a quick update. We’ve been quite busy these last weeks with opening our new office, working with a new client, building a couple partnerships, joining the CRA (Corporate Responsibility Association), updating our social media/website (more to come!),new sales & marketing projects and building a new webinar on Conflict Minerals for Momentum Events. […]

2 Ways to Lower GHGs and Get A Quick ROI

Business decisions need to be based on hard data and critical analysis. In order to spend money on improvements, companies need to understand where they have inefficiencies, the new technologies that are available, and how long it takes to see a full payback on investments. One area companies can focus on and see measurable sustainability […]

Global Reporting Initiative Certified G4 Class

We have been very busy over here at BlueCircle Advisors! So much going on but thought I’d share some great news… Many of you know that I’ve been working with and writing about G4, the Global Reporting Initiative for a while. I just got back from completing G4 training in New York City. I get […]

EICC-GeSI Releases New 2015 Conflict Minerals Template

EICC-GeSI released the latest version of its Conflict Minerals data collection template in April 2014. Companies listed on the U.S. stock exchange had one year since the final rule update in May 2013 to get themselves ready to submit official filings. While taking on large data gathering efforts up and down their supply chains, most […]

Disadvantaged Kids and Plastic Pollution Prevention

A major highlight this week was the trip to New York City for the Second Chance Toys Board of Directors meeting. For those who don’t know Second Chance Toys, check out It’s a nonprofit with the two-fold mission of collecting gently used plastic toys, refurbishing them, and providing them to families in need, as […]