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BlueCircle Advisors Partner Program is tailored for partners who provide consulting, integration and outsourcing services to drive successful sustainability, compliance and risk initiatives with their customers.

Becoming a partner provides extensive resources, training and support to differentiate your business and increase profitability. We develop meaningful collaborations across industry, academia and government which serve as powerful catalysts, turning ideas that change the world into economic opportunity.

Our partners specialize in compliance and risk for regulation management, sustainability, energy efficiency, data collection, product design, ethical supply chain sourcing, and reporting.

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Access to Knowledge

Access to knowledge

We’re building a team with deep knowledge in the areas of CSR risk management, environmental and social compliance regulations, auditing, sustainable supply chains, reporting (GRI 4, SASB, CP, and DJSI), energy efficiency, and carbon footprint. We are aligning with partners who tie it all together with technology and training.


Managed Collaboration

The goal is to leverage the strengths of partners to create a team that best fulfills customer requirements and drives new business. We listen more than we tell, act rather than just recommend, and deliver solutions that leave a positive lasting impact.


Market exposure

We are becoming the magnet for customers looking for expert advice and guidance in the CSR Risk Management space. As a partner you have access to those customers.


Increased Sales

We make referrals every day. Shouldn’t some of them be to you?



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