Boston, Curata, and Content Marketing Meetup

Last night we attended a Boston Meetup called “The Birth of a Content Marketing Strategy,” hosted by the folks at Curata. There were a couple good speakers, Wayne Salpietro from Permabit and Brian Gladstein from Explorics. Both speakers had solid examples of how to identify content creation right for your business and where to publish it. They both talked about how important it is to deliver content in the form and the medium that buyers want to see it. We delved into buyer personas, understanding where in the lifecycle buyers might be, and how to provide the right information at the right time.

Content Management MeetupWe talked about forms of content that seem to be better than others, like podcasts. Getting people to talk openly for podcasts seems to have far better results than what happens when you try to get someone on video. Ever have people completely change personality or freeze up when the camera is on them? Others look like a deer in headlights and then there are those who somehow take on a new persona and voice?

And yet I digress…one of the things that was an a-ha moment was seeing Wayne’s content creation calendar. As someone who is building the calendar and creating the content for BlueCircle Advisors, I’m open to all the ideas I can get!

Wayne talked about how people get stuck thinking of ideas for what to blog about and how his company created some routine standards. His team focuses on having people at various levels of the company write different types of content.

For example:

  • Have a “What Is..” blog written by your product managers
  • Create a “Top 10 Questions” from your marketing team
  • Put together a Listen/Ignore blog that looks at your company’s competition
  • Inspire your CEO to write a Thought Leadership blog
  • Let the company executives talk about Business Strategy

Of course, the frequency of the blogs are up to your company’s discretion. A biweekly frequency seemed to work for the folks at Permabit. It really comes down to having consistent and timely content development.

The center of Brad’s talk (who got short changed with only 15 minutes to speak, thank the stars he is from Boston and can talk FAST) was to make sure that everything you do has a Call to Action…commonly referred to as CTA in the biz. The most important piece after the call to action is making sure that your content has link backs.

DSC_0461Brad’s major points were:

  • Have links go back to former links
  • Reach out to individuals for feedback
  • When you Tweet, include another company’s handle
  • Purpose your content for the channel
  • Don’t overlook niche communities like those on Reddit and LinkedIn and tailor the content appropriately.

Another important part of Brad’s talk was about how 25% of your content can come from your customers. We don’t have to generate all our own original content. When customers share information about your company, it’s the best messaging you can ask for… well provided it’s positive! Customers can refer people, endorse you, help educate your community, and some can even represent what your company stands for by helping support change or the movement you want to inspire.

At BlueCircle Advisors we want to inspire folks to take on our mission of making sustainability, environmental, and social compliance part of the everyday product development and supply chain operations. We want to help people come together within companies to not only be profitable and lean but to make better choices about how they manage their businesses and the resources associated.

All and all, for a first meeting of this group, I think we all walked away with some great new contacts and some ideas for how to better curate our own content and position it wisely to help our customers. Oh ya! They also had free drinks and snacks, a plus!

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