Summer Vacation Isn’t Really Summer Vacation When You’re a Start-Up

Hi Folks, just a quick update.

We’ve been quite busy these last weeks with opening our new office, working with a new client, building a couple partnerships, joining the CRA (Corporate Responsibility Association), updating our social media/website (more to come!),new sales & marketing projects and building a new webinar on Conflict Minerals for Momentum Events.

We’re adjusting to life as business owners these days. As business owners, we now fully understand that if the day isn’t filled with billable hours or a fixed price gig, there will be less bread on the table come the end of the month. Doing the hustle has nothing to do with a discos ’70s song. More like the tornado in The Wizard of Oz, “Aunty Em, Aunty Em.” But I digress…

Soon, you will see our Services tab on the website will be updated. We have refined our services down to these 5 things:

  • Quick Turnaround Risk Assessments and Due Diligence Checks
  • Support for Data Collection Efforts
  • Staffing for Environmental Compliance Programs
  • Assistance with Sustainability Programs and CSR Reporting
  • Onsite and Online Regulatory Training

Many of today’s companies already have small teams devoted to compliance and CSR. We want to be that extra help they need but don’t have headcount for… something we all know too well. If your company or someone you know needs supplemental resources for their environmental compliance programs, data collection efforts, or CSR/sustainability reporting efforts reach out and give us a call.

Please keep us in mind, we’ve done this type of work for many Fortune 500s over the last 7-10 years. Reach out if you have some ideas for new projects where we could be of service.

Summer Vacation Isn’t Really Summer Vacation When You’re a Start-Up.


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