Environmental Compliance

Staying up to date on environmental regulation and product compliance changes around the world, connecting with industry leaders, and being resourceful enough to find answers to the questions we all have is critical on the path to compliance. We specialize in programs for EU ROHS, EU REACH, EU Battery, Conflict Minerals, CPSIA, Packaging, WEEE and California SB 657. Building supporting business processes for data collection, sourcing, and tools positions today’s companies for success.

Sustainability Leadership

Forward-thinking organizations position themselves for future success by incorporating sustainability into their business processes, ultimately achieving high-performance, cost savings, and positive social good. Stakeholder engagement, new product design, and corporate social responsibility reporting show consumers and competitors that you understand how to do business. We help create internal CSR reports along with GRI4, SASB, and the Carbon Disclosure Project reports.


Risk Management

Connecting key ISO standards like ISO 26000 and ISO 31000 to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives provides a framework for identifying and mitigating potential risks in facilities, products, and supply chains. Leveraging big data analytics that listen to information inside and outside the company provides critical insights into future risks. Protecting brands, understanding what consumers think about the quality of products, and staying ahead of the trends in corporate social responsibility strengthens a company’s market position. Decisions are data-driven not a gut feel.

Market Intelligence

Today more data is created outside of the company walls in 2 days then was created in entirety before the year 2003. Big data provides companies with an opportunity to gain competitive advantage by finding and analyzing data faster than ever before. There is no need to hire an army of people to hunt for information and complete calculations, when big data engines do it all in real-time. Query enterprise data, understand social media buzz, and get insights from sentiment rating systems like Amazon to better position your product, keep ahead of market trends, and launch new initiatives.