Dianna Collier, Cope Plastics -004

Cope Plastics, Inc. was founded by Dwight and Mozelle Cope in St. Louis, Missouri in 1946 in their family home. 73 years later, Cope Plastics, Inc. is the Largest Family/Woman owned Plastic Fabricator/Distributor in the US. Cope’s regulatory and compliance program is robust and an industry leader. The program is managed by trained Cope employees and continuously evolves and adapts as regulatory/compliance items change.

In today’s show, we will be talking with Dianna Collier, Sr. Quality Control Specialist of Cope Plastics, Inc. Dianna Collier is a Sr. Quality Control Specialist from Cope Plastics, Inc. a leading Design, Distributor, and Custom Fabricator of Plastic Sheet, Rod, and Tube. She draws on 19 years of plastic industry experience containing 11 years of Quality Assurance expertise. Dianna is a Lead Auditor to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, and Cope’s Regulatory Management Specialist.

Dianna places great value upon Quality standards of compliance including regulatory compliance, promoting a culture of standard compliance, continual improvement and risk management. She performs a high degree of customer focus, and the monitoring of relevant standards and trends in order to provide solutions that minimize risks to customer and company.

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