Making it RAIN in Africa Saves Lives

The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation and its partners are working with local African governments, NGOs, water service providers and communities to build infrastructure that supplies clean drinking water and sanitation facilities across Africa. These efforts will help to minimize the spread of disease and empower local communities with educational opportunities and economic prosperity.

Dr. Susan Mboya is the President of The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation and the Group Director of the Eurasia Africa Group (EAG) for women’s economic empowerment at The Coca-Cola Company. She leads the Group’s deployment of the 5by20 initiative, a global Commitment by Coca-Cola to economically empower 5 million women by the year 2020. Susan is responsible for the development of strategic plans and initiatives in the 90+ countries that make up the EAG. Susan has raised over $116 million in funding towards the 5by20 initiative to date and is working with international partners including USAID, DFID, TechnoServe, MercyCorps and the IFC. She is also the First Lady of Nairobi County, in Kenya.

Why has the Coca Cola Foundation created the Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) program and what are some of the challenges the organization is addressing?

At the highest level, the challenge is to make water available on a predictable and steady basis throughout Africa. The program was created in response to the severe water challenges faced by more than 300 million people living in Africa.

The initiative was introduced by The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation (TCCAF) in 2009 with an original financial commitment of $30 million. The first target we set was to provide access to safe water for 2 million people …