T. Rowe Price Invests in Baltimore with Financial Education

Interview with Renee Christoff, VP, T. Rowe Price, and Head, Corporate Social Responsibility

To have the biggest impact companies need to invest in the communities in which they operate. T. Rowe Price believes Baltimore is worth the investment.

Renee Christoff heads T. Rowe Price’s Corporate Social Responsibility department, focusing on strategic, effective, and impactful ways for the firm and its associates to engage in the community. She oversees the corporation’s volunteerism, sponsorships, environmental sustainability, financial education outreach, and civic initiatives. She also serves on the Boards of Port Discovery Children’s Museum, the United Way of Central MD, and the United Way Baltimore Community City Partnership; and is a trustee of the T. Rowe Price Foundation. Renee earned an M.B.A. from the Merrick School of Business at the University of Baltimore and an M.A. and a B.A. from the Pennsylvania State University.

How has your company engaged in the immediate relief efforts needed in light of recent events in Baltimore?

T. Rowe Price has a long standing community engagement program in Baltimore. It’s where we’re headquartered and it’s our home city.

The latest events in Baltimore have been tragic. In an effort to help, we’ve given $145,000 to support immediate relief efforts. We also enlisted associates in a drive to donate badly needed supplies since there were no drug stores available. We collected over 34 boxes of toiletries, dietary supplements for seniors, diapers, formula, etc.

Everyone in the community wants to get to the heart of these issues and solve them. We have an outreach strategy that includes working with the mayor and other prominent leaders in Baltimore, as well as international thought leaders on urban unrest, to identify the root cause of the issues and find solutions to make life better for everyone. This is not only where our associates work. It’s their home, too.