electronic Labor Rights Template

Reporting Labor Rights risks with the Latest eLRT Tool

The acronym eLRT is short for electronic Labor Rights Template. This template is an open access, Microsoft Excel based tool. It enables company's to collect, analyze, communicate, and report information on anti-slavery measures implemented throughout their supply chain. The simplicity and versatility of this tool make it easy for companies to get started with requesting and sharing compliance data and to identify any possible trafficking risks that need to be addressed.

Download the electronic Labor Rights Template here:

A Joint Effort Between iPoint-systems and Dr. Chris Bayer

The tool was developed by iPoint-systems and Dr. Chris Bayer with input from a large group of stakeholders. The group includes experts and practitioners drawn from the private sector and civil society who ensure the quality and further development of the tool.

eLRT is based on a set of eight recent US, EU, and UK human trafficking and slavery laws and trade agreements directed at the private sector, namely:

1. U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (1977) ———————————(“US-FCPA")
2. California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (2010) ——————-(“CA-TISCA")
3. E.U. Non-Financial Reporting Directive (2014) —————————(“EU-NFRD")
4. U.S. Federal Acquisition Regulation (2015) ——————————-(“US-FAR")
5. U.K. Modern Slavery Act (2015) ———————————————(“UK-MSA")
6. U.S. Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act (2016) ————(“US-TFTEA")
7. Trans-Pacific Partnership (2016) ——————————————–(“TPP")
8. Countering Americas Adversaires Through Sanctions Act (2017) — (“CAATSA")

For further information on these laws, please visit http://www.elrt.org/ to download a free copy of “Corporate liabilities for modern-day slavery in supply and service chains: A transnational framework”, authored by Dr. Chris N. Bayer and first published by iPoint-systems gmbh in April 2016.

See the eLRT website for more information: https://www.elrt.org/downloads/

BlueCircle Advisors (BCA) Helps You:

  • Poll your suppliers using the eLRT Lite template
  • Collect data from third parties
  • Integrate slavery and trafficking legal requirements into your Code of Conduct and sourcing documents
  • Work with your compliance and corporate social responsibility teams to develop programs
  • Train your team and supply chain
  • Comply and keep up with the changing regulation

Learn more about how BCA helps your responsible slavery and anti-trafficking programs: