Slavery and Trafficking

Reporting Slavery and Trafficking Risks with the Latest STRT Tool

The Slavery and Trafficking Risk Template (STRT) is a free tool used across industries to collect information on trafficking and slavery data within global supply chains. This tool is used to help companies compile corporate social responsibility data in order to highlight slavery and trafficking risks and develop criteria for compliance programs. This data enables companies to have better visibility into the operations of suppliers and to better comply with global trafficking and slavery regulations. With an Excel format and 20 questions, everyone can collect, manage, and assess the data in a familiar format.

Download the Slavery & Trafficking Risk Template here:

The Social Responsibility Alliance

The Social Responsibility Alliance (SRA) is an initiative focused on providing companies with the open-source tools, resources, and support they need to build socially responsible supply chains through the collection of responsible sourcing data. Founded in 2017, the initiative seeks to more broadly facilitate the collection of human and labor rights data to spark change in global supply chains and improve the lives of those impacted by human rights violations.

See the SRA website for more information:

BlueCircle Advisors (BCA) Helps You:

  • Poll your suppliers using the STRT template
  • Collect data from third parties
  • Integrate slavery and trafficking legal requirements into your Code of Conduct and sourcing documents
  • Work with your compliance and corporate social responsibility teams to develop programs
  • Train your team and supply chain
  • Comply and keep up with the changing regulation

Learn more about how BCA helps your responsible slavery and anti-trafficking programs: