10 CSR Risks That You Should Know

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I just wrote an article for my new column over at CERM Academy called CSR@Risk. The article is focused on 10 CSR Risks that are trending today. The article will be published today or Monday. Feel free to check out a few of the other articles while we wait for publication.


Do you know about these CSR risks?

Do you know about these CSR risks?











Are you familiar with this list of risks that occur during product development and within the supply chain?

Risks like:
1. Lack of fire and factory safety
2. Non-compliant hazardous materials
3. Packaging made from virgin forest
4. Improper disposal of electronic waste
5. Raw materials from protected sources/shortages
6. Country of Origin issues
7. Human slavery and trafficking
8. Lack of worker rights
9. Banned freedom of association
10. Disputed fair wages

To learn more about these issues, check back with CERM over the next couple days. Together we can develop and manage programs that eradicate these problems and build profitable businesses, better working conditions, and a healthier planet. We’re all in this together.

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