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BlueCircle Advisors was started by Kelly and Joe Eisenhardt in May 2014. Both Kelly and Joe were directors at Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) from 2010-2013. She was the Director of Product Management based in Massachusetts and he was the Director of Software Development based in Germany. They helped PTC build compliance software that integrated with the company's PLM system.

Kelly traveled around the world to the largest Fortune 500 companies working on product compliance solutions. She wrote the functional requirements for automating the compliance data collection process. Joe then  worked with his team in Germany to help build the software.

Together they supported companies like Apple, John Deere, Caterpillar, Nokia, RIM, Google,Microsoft, Flex, and 40 other world renowned companies.  

As times changed, so did the business. Kelly and Joe formed BlueCircle Advisors and joined forces with the leaders in today’s compliance arena.

Leading With Courage, Working With Purpose

Experience You Can Trust

With 17+ years in the compliance, regulatory, and software development space, we've seen many scenarios when it comes to building compliance departments. With over 80+ companies as clients, it's likely we can help you solve the challenges that your organization faces.

Woman Owned Meets Supplier Diversity Qualifications

We are a woman owned business since 2014, meeting many qualifications for Supplier Diversity and Small Business sourcing. Let us know how we can help meet your supplier requirements.


Your Compliance
Dream Team

With trained experts in regulatory compliance, we help you identify the risks to your business from lost sales to stop shipments, fines, and fees.

We help you develop the internal processes and documentation needed to manage compliance across your organization and provide you with a go forward plan to achieve compliance to global regulations.





our mission

Here to Help

Ever get a customer request for your RoHS, REACH, Prop 65, Conflict Minerals (fill in the regulation blank…) declaration and you just don’t know where to start?

Is your company part of a bigger supply chain and you don’t know if these regulations apply to your products?

Are you uncertain if someone on your team has the training necessary to build compliance programs to protect your company?

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Tactical Day-to-day operations

Why work with us?

Because we know what it is like to be in the day to day trenches, trying to understand the latest requirements, determining what applies, dealing with the stress of collecting supplier data, and responding to client requests in a timely manner.

It takes patience, understanding, and realizing we are all in this together. Over time, everyone's roles and responsibilities get ironed out. Programs get started. Data gets collected, verified, analyzed, and reported. Suppliers get better. Products are safer and more environmentally conscious and revenues get protected.

By understanding compliance and ESG requirements and implementing the right programs, we help you maintain sales and grow your company. Protecting your company revenues means staying in business. Meeting and exceeding your compliance and ESG requirements means we leave our world better than we found it.


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