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Companies struggle to keep up with ever changing regulations. The list of banned materials and substances grows every day. Proving your products are safe gets more difficult with each passing year.

Partnering with BlueCircle Advisors means that your team will always have the knowledge and skills it takes to meet customer and government requirements. Making safer products, building ethical supply chains, and protecting company revenues matter.


Training Compliance Managers and Suppliers

We provide training for compliance managers who are new to the role or might need a refresher course. Keeping companies up to date with quarterly reviews and the latest regulatory information is part of our job.

In addition, your supply chain may not be current with the latest global compliance requirements. Training suppliers on your company specific requirements and updates to global regulations is critical to sourcing success.


Building Programs, Systems, and Documentation

Let's start with a gap analysis to determine where you are now and where you need to be. We can then assess the impact of the regulations, build a roadmap to meet compliance requirements, and implement your programs all within a short period of time.

Data Collection

Proving Compliance

Collecting all of the information necessary to prove your products are compliant is a daunting task. Supplier declarations, safety data sheets, full material disclosures, 1752 forms, 3rd party uploads, and engineering documents are challenging to collect and maintain. We provide a dedicated team to collect, analyze, manage, and monitor the documents for you. We customize your data collection needs. Our data partners provide top notch tools and APIs to move data to your internal systems.

Managed Services

A Team That's Ready to Work

Many companies have limited resources to manage their compliance efforts. We provide subject matter experts who can design, build, and manage your compliance and ESG programs. With knowledge across many disciplines like regulatory, law, IT, project management, supplier engagement, quality, and engineering, the configurations for support are endless. We build the services that you need.

Knowledge and Expertise

Anyone can say they are experts. Most of us have to prove it. We work on government and industry committees. We sit on standards boards. We build partnerships with our peers. We align with the leading compliance software companies. Staying relevant means constantly learning and bringing that knowledge to you.



US & European Union Conflict Minerals

California Proposition 65

NEW & Expanding PFAS Requirements

Global Packaging Legislation


Global Battery Legislation

IMDS - Automotive Support

Worldwide Anti-Trafficking Laws

Safety Data Sheets - GHS

Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act                      

ITAR Compliance Requirements

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Business Continuity for Supply Chain

Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA)

EU Medical Device Regulation

Supplier Code of Conduct


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