EU REACH Candidate Updates to 240 SVHC

January 23, 2024

REACH Candidate list updates to 235 SVHCs

On January 23, 2024, ECHA added 5 more substances to the EU REACH Candidate list.

Complying with the regulation is critical to preventing stop shipments, fines, and fees in Europe.

Any supplier who directly or indirectly supplies parts or products to the European market has the obligation to communicate the existence of SVHCs above the concentration of 0.1% (weight over weight) in their products.

All companies selling into the European Union must collect new EU REACH Candidate compliance declarations from their suppliers and assess the risk for use of the newly listed SVHCs. If the SVHCs are found to be above the article threshold, then this must be communicated to resellers and/or distributors selling the company's products in Europe.

In addition, if the company places product directly on the European Union market and the new SVHCs are found above the allowable threshold, companies must submit their compliance information to the EU SCIP database.

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The five (5) new SVHCs added to the Candidate List as of 1/23/2024 are:

EU REACH Candidate List - January 23, 2024

More Information

For a better understanding of CAS numbers and the registry, check out the CAS Registry and CAS Registry Number FAQ, as presented by the American Chemical Society/CAS Organization.

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EU REACH Candidate List

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