ECHA 2024 - 2028 Chemical Strategy

January 31, 2024

ECHA Publishes New Chemical Strategy

The European Union has a long standing history of tackling chemical safety within its member states. The new four year strategy outlines the EU's commitment to protecting health and the environment.

ECHA plans to become a trusted chemicals agency by delivering legal mandates based on existing and new regulations, assessing emerging challenges, and providing up to date chemical knowledge.

The recent release of the "ECHA - Strategy Statement 2024-2028" provides a solid outline for understanding the legal basis, mandate, and vision for the next four years.

According to the European Chemicals Agency, their mandate includes the following:

  • Carry out technical, scientific, and administrative tasks related to the implementation of the EU's chemical legislation and policy
  • Provide transparent, independent, and high-quality scientific opinions and decisions, which shall serve as the basis for the drafting and adoption of Union measures
  • Collaborate and partner with EU bodies and Institutions, Member state authorities, as well as third party countries and international organisations
  • Provide tools, advice, and support to industry, with a particular focus on SMEs, in fulfilling their duties under chemical legislation
  • Ensure the relevant, reliable, and objective information is available for the public and interested parties

This mandate will help guide the chemicals agency in its actions over the next four years.

ECHA's Goal

The agency's main goal is to become a trusted chemicals agency that can be relied upon to protect Member States, as well as guide industry to provide scientific guidance on minimizing the use of toxic chemicals in products and manufacturing.

Maintaining deep chemical knowledge and communicating with government agencies and industry is the primary focus.

Dr. Sharon McGuinness, ECHA's Executive Director shared how the team plans to move forward with their strategy:

I am happy to present our new Strategy Statement, which will drive ECHA’s direction and priorities for the next five years. Our new vision, chemical safety through science, collaboration and knowledge will guide us as we deliver our strategy and our values of integrity, transparency, collaboration and innovation will inform our actions. We look forward to working with our staff, partners and stakeholders in delivering our strategy.

Many out in industry are inquiring upon what authority ECHA plans to implement the new strategy. As noted, there is already available existing and enacted legislation that the ECHA team can utilize.

Legal Basis

When considering the legal basis, ECHA references directives and regulations already in existence. The following regulations will be considered the backbone for new revisions, new tools, systems of enforcement, and implementation authority.

Legal precedence is in place today that enables ECHA to investigate, assess, and manage the ongoing use of potentially harmful chemicals used in manufacturing and processing in the European Union. All companies doing business within the EU must comply with enacted and enforced legislation.

As always, BlueCircle Advisors is here to help you stay up to date with fast-paced global regulatory changes and the obligations your company must meet. Reach out to us for gap assessments, compliance programming and management, data collection, and the latest news!

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ECHA Strategic Goals as stated by ECHA

ECHA Chemicals Strategy for 2024-2028

Kelly Eisenhardt

Ms. Eisenhardt is Co-Founder and Managing Director at BlueCircle Advisors. Her former roles include Environmental Compliance Manager and Design for Environment programs at EMC/Dell Corporation; Director of Product Management at PTC Corporation for Windchill Product Analytics, and Executive Director of Environmental Programs, at Fair Factories Clearinghouse. She is a journalist for trade publications such as 3BL, JustMeans, CSRwire, and CSR@Risk. She has a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

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